Stamar Packaging is the leading contract packaging supplier of different packaging products that meet your varying needs and requirements. We take pride in providing the answer that can solve the challenges and demands you face regarding packaging. With our collaboration with leading manufacturers, we can curate a practical solution to your packaging and shipping troubles.

With our strong relationship with our quality suppliers, we can produce excellent packaging systems that you receive on time. Plus, these are convenient and cost-effective, so you get value for money. So experience the most effective packaging solutions to sustain your daily shipping needs.

Quality Packaging Products We Offer

Stamar Packaging is your complete packaging partner that has become the leading distributor and supplier of unique and specialized packaging supplies, such as corrugated cartons and more. Since we have formed relationships with top-of-the-line suppliers, we can deliver you the newest, more sophisticated products.

Our complete line of products includes:

More About Our Packaging Products


We offer corrugated packaging from thick paper stock or heavy paper pulp. These are ideal for products requiring extra defense because they have three layers. It's also lightweight, making it an excellent choice for those shipping many packages.

Benefits of corrugated packaging solutions:

  • Customizable: The customization aspect of corrugated cartons makes them an attractive option for retailers who use them for their products. You can print your company logo or add designs that look appealing.

  • Customer satisfaction: Corrugated cartons are developed to give customers a pleasant unboxing experience.

  • Eco-friendly: Corrugated packaging is a sustainable solution made from recycled materials.

Protective Packaging Equipment

Protective packaging equipment is utilized to safely package the items without contaminating them. These include gloves, masks, spray cleaners, and cleaning materials designed to keep the items safe while you or your workforce handle them.

We have a wide range of PPE materials you can use while handling your shipment to ensure safety from bacteria and other contaminants.

Wax Corrugated Cartons

Wax corrugated cartons are primarily used by the food industry, especially those who ship dry foods. It creates a moisture barrier, which protects it from moisture in the environment. On the other hand, wet foods are protected from losing too much moisture.


Mailers are used to ship individual and smaller items while protecting the contents. These are created for items that require uncompromised protection. Most of the time, it's constructed out of cardboard or plastic as a defensive layer.

Benefits of mailers as packaging solutions:

  • Flexible: Mailers are ideal when shipping many items while protecting the product.

  • Available in different sizes and materials: Mailers are made in various materials while solving material consumption.

  • No need for external packaging: Another benefit for most retailers is that no outer packaging is required, eliminating the need to find packaging and wrapping materials.

Edge Protection/Cornerboard

We also offer edge protection, which protects the edges of outgoing palletized loads. It's known to provide stability, increase stacking strength, and reduce damage to the packaging material and the products inside. 

Janitorial & Sanitation

We offer janitorial supplies that are used in shipment facilities to maintain cleanliness. We have toilet paper, garbage bags, and other sanitation supplies that you can use to keep the working area clean. 

Protective Packaging/Cushioning

Bubble wrap and foam are two examples of protective packaging and cushioning added inside a shipment package or box to protect the product while it's shifted here and there. Vibration and impact shock is averted with the help of cushioning materials.

Benefits of cushioning in packaging:

  • Protect items: Cushioning can protect items from impact if the package is dropped or mishandled.

  • Reduce shipping weight: Adding cushioning materials inside the box reduces the overall weight, which can help save money.

  • Absorbs shock: Instead of your product absorbing the shock or vibration, the cushioning materials are the ones that absorb it.


If you're looking for a polybag that can package different types of products, then Stamar Packaging has a line of poly bags from the best manufacturers you can choose from. These are protective barriers that can prevent moisture from affecting your items. 


Strapping is a wrapping or bundling material that wraps and protects a pallet. It's used to strap bundled items together to prevent them from moving or being damaged while shipped.


Tape is an essential packaging supply that every shipping establishment or retailer must have. This secures the packaging before shipment so the contents won't spill out during transit. So you must choose the best tapes for your packaging needs.

Benefits of using tapes for shipment:

  • Security: Tapes secure the contents or products inside a box or other packaging materials to deter damage during transit.

  • Durability: Tapes are proven to be durable and waterproof, making them an excellent choice to protect your products from moisture.

  • Affordable adhesives: Tapes are cheaper compared to other solutions, which could save you money in the long run.


Labels are essential in packaging and shipment since they organize items and products during storage. Labels are also used to indicate the items inside the package, product specifications, and other information necessary to identify the product.


We offer paper products, such as kraft paper, for packaging and protection. These are biodegradable, easy to recycle, and reduce environmental impact. Plus, you can use it to wrap items, create cushioning, and other various packaging solutions.

Shrink Film

Shrink film is used to protect an item from environmental damage. These packaging solutions, especially food products, can also prolong an item's life. It's tamper-proof and provides tons of branding opportunities for retailers.

Stretch Film

Stretch films are wrapped around a product to keep them in place. Most commonly found in shipping pallets, these are utilized to keep products and boxes locked in during delivery. So they're a must-have for retailers who constantly ship their products out.

Benefits of stretch films:

  • Product protection: The primary function of stretch films is to shield your products by preventing dust, dirt, and moisture from getting in.

  • Reduce damage: Product damage can happen, especially if they're fragile. Therefore, stretch films are a great option to secure them and prevent them from getting damaged while the box constantly shifts.

  • Improved handling: You can quickly wrap and move the load around your shipment facility while maximizing storage space. It helps you stack odd-shaped products and packages more conveniently.

Insulated Shippers

We also offer insulated shippers and containers, which maintain the temperature of a product. At the same time, it can prevent exterior conditions from damaging the product. It also keeps products fresh during transit and storage.


If you're looking for a chipboard manufacturer, Stamar Packaging has a wide range of chipboard products that are easy to use and provide protection and strength while being environmentally sustainable. Plus, it can be formed for various uses, such as pallets and push-pull sheets.

Choose Stamar Packaging for All Your Packaging Specifications

We have partnered with the most trusted manufacturers to ensure that we fulfill all your packaging concerns. And with our wide range of products, rest assured that you can maintain your shipment facility to its highest standards.

So if you have any concerns, contact us today. We're ready to find a solution to help you overcome all your packaging problems.