Stamar Packaging is your trusted source of chipboards for your storage and packaging needs. These are made essentially from recycled paper. Unlike corrugated cardboard, they're thick and not hollow, so they're used for many purposes. But one of its primary applications is packaging, and you can choose from our chipboard sheets, cartons, and partitions.

With our complete line of chipboards, you can choose which works best for your packaging or storage specifications and requirements. Therefore, you can trust us to supply you with chipboards that are second to none.

Quality Chipboards from Stamar Packaging

We provide different chipboard products for your packaging and shipping needs. We have reliable manufacturers that supply us with quality chipboards that are perfect for your requirements. With our chipboards, you can be sure that your packages will stay safe and secure during their travel or storage.

Choose from the following chipboards:

  • Chipboard sheets: Our chipboard sheets are available in different densities and thicknesses. These are ideal for your items inside the boxes as a base to ensure they're not damaged during the travel.

  • Chipboard partitions: Chipboard partitions separate items inside the box, so they won't bump into each other and get damaged. These are primarily flexible and durable, which means your items are in place while in transit.

  • Chipboard cartons: Chipboard cartons are perfect for shipping lightweight and delicate products, such as clothes, jewelry, business cards, and more.

Our chipboards are made with quality in mind. Thus you can be confident that your products will not be damaged during transportation.

Trust Stamar Packaging to Deliver Quality Chipboards

Chipboards are versatile and have many uses, making them a crucial packaging requirement for retailers and storage facilities. So if you're searching for the best cost-effective chipboards, don't hesitate to contact us today. We can help you fulfill all your packaging needs without the hassle.
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#11 RTE (1000/CASE)
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#11 RTE (1000/CASE) 2 X 2 X 3 1000/CSE