Hot Melt Tape

For extra strength and durability, it's often best to use hot melt packing tape as a reliable adhesive. At Stamar Packaging, we offer a variety of packaging and shipping solutions, including hot melt hand tape and  hot melt machine tape. Our hot melt tape products offer numerous advantages that make them a popular option for many applications.

Hot Melt Tape

About Hot Melt Tape

Hot melt adhesive tape provides superior holding power, which is why it's one of the most preferred tapes for packaging. In addition to offering added strength and durability, one of the main benefits of hot melt tape is its resistance to high temperatures, along with its ability to keep contents protected from water and moisture. It also offers better adhesive capabilities than acrylic adhesive tapes, and it comes in many sizes and variations based on your application's unique needs.

Benefits of Hot Melt Packaging Tape

Some of the specific benefits of hot melt packaging tape include:

  • Improved Bonding Strength. One of the main advantages of hot melt tape is its improved bonding strength over other types of tape materials. Using hot melt packing tape, you can form a durable and permanent bond between two different materials, with quick-setting properties that enhance packaging line efficiency.

  • Superior Versatility. Hot melt adhesive tape can bond to all types of materials, from plastic and paper to cardboard and metal. Because of this versatility, hot melt tape is used for a variety of packaging applications and reduces the need for multiple sealing methods.

  • Optimized Productivity. Hot melt tape application requires less time compared to alternatives, resulting in improved packaging productivity. 

  • Visual Appeal. Hot melt packing tape's seamless application creates a surface that's smooth and devoid of any wrinkling. This results in packaging that has a more sleek and professional appearance.

  • Eco-Friendliness. If you need packaging materials to help achieve your sustainability goals, hot melt packaging tape can help. These materials typically prevent the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and don't contain solvents. The efficiency of their application minimizes waste to further boost sustainability.

  • Optimal Temperature Resistance. While conventional tapes tend to lose adhesion when exposed to extreme temperatures, you won't find this problem with hot melt packing tape. It can withstand high and low temperatures to maintain a consistently strong bond between materials in all types of weather conditions and environments.

  • Tamper-Proof Seals. Hot melt tape ensures a tamper-proof seal, which is essential in protecting product integrity and assuring customers that their purchases are safe.

Hot Melt Tape Applications

Due to its unique properties, hot melt packaging tape is used across various applications, such as: 

  • Packaging. Within the packaging industry, hot melt tape is ideal for overfilled cartons or cartons containing a lot of recycled content. It can be easily applied to corrugated boxes and withstand extreme temperatures, making it a great choice for packaging that needs to endure various environmental conditions. 

  • Wire Management and Protection. Hot melt tape can be used to protect molded components from moisture and debris. Hot melt tape flows when heated and hardens when cooled, making it an easy-to-use option for bonding to various cable jacket materials, including aluminum, steel, polychloroprene, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and more.

  • Automotive and Marine. The combination of temperature resistance and high strength makes hot melt tape a popular adhesive option for many automotive and marine applications.

  • Electronic Equipment. The electronics industry benefits from hot melt tape due to its great electrical insulation and thermal conductivity properties.

  • Medical. The medical industry uses hot melt tape as adhesive material for treating wounds, attaching medical devices, or securing equipment.

  • Graphics and Signage. Hot melt tape can be used to attach graphics and signage without the need for screws or holes. 

Hot Melt Tape from Stamar Packaging

Hot melt tape offers a wide range of advantages that make it a great option for various bonding or packaging applications. Stamar Packaging can provide you with high-quality hot melt tape solutions that meet your unique needs. For more information about our selection of hot melt hand tapes or other packaging products, contact us today to speak with a member of our team.