Acrylic Tape

Acrylic adhesive tape is a high-durability tape that is ideal for various applications. At Stamar Packaging, we offer a variety of acrylic hand tape and acrylic machine tape. Our adhesive acrylic tapes offer a long-lasting and durable solution for sealing and bonding various materials. As a one-stop shop for all of your packaging needs, we can deliver the tape products you require with fast shipping and a dedication to quality.

Acrylic Tape

About Acrylic Tapes

Acrylic adhesive tapes are specifically formulated to provide durable, long-lasting adhesion to various high surface energy substrates. They feature great holding power and deliver versatile, strong, and reliable performance, even at elevated temperatures. 

Because of their temperature resistance, acrylic tapes are an ideal choice for packaging applications exposed to extreme temperatures, such as refrigeration. They are also oxidation-resistant, making them well-suited for sealing cartons that will be kept in storage areas or warehouses for extended periods of time.

Benefits of Acrylic Tape

Acrylic tapes deliver various benefits, including the following:

  • Wide Range of Operating Temperatures. Compared to standard tapes, acrylic hand tapes can withstand a much broader temperature range. This makes them an ideal choice for packaging that has to be refrigerated.

  • Resist Oxidation. Acrylic tapes resist oxidation, allowing them to maintain stability when exposed to sunlight and extreme temperatures. This makes them a good choice for packages requiring long-term storage.

  • High Versatility. Acrylic tapes are suitable for sealing various cartons, including heavy, mid-weight, and light cartons. They also come in various colors.

  • Excellent Adhesive Strength. Acrylic tapes are capable of adhering to various substrates and can be used to hold together two different types of material. They remain adhesive even in challenging conditions, such as when a surface is wet or damp. 

  • Long-Lasting Bond. Unlike other tape options, acrylic tapes actually gain strength over time, ensuring a stronger and more long-lasting bond.

Applications of Acrylic Tape

Acrylic tapes are suitable for various applications and industries, such as:

  • Packaging. Acrylic tape can be easily applied by hand and adheres well to corrugated surfaces. The tape works well with heavy, medium, and lightweight cartons and comes in various colors to suit your packaging needs. Acrylic tapes' long-term durability, resistance to oxidation, UV resistance, and temperature resistance make them ideal for sealing packages that will be stored in various conditions.

  • Automotive and Marine. Acrylic adhesive tape is used in various automotive and marine applications due to its corrosion resistance and strength. Marine applications benefit from acrylic tape’s ability to protect against UV exposure, saltwater corrosion, and oil spills.

  • Construction. Acrylic tapes are often used in construction applications for bonding, sealing, and vibration dampening.

  • Electronics. In the electronics industry, acrylic tape is used for its excellent electrical insulation properties and thermal conductivity.

  • Medical. Acrylic adhesive tape is used in the medical sector for securement, medical device attachment, and wound care.

  • Graphics and Signage. Acrylic tapes offer a cleaner and more professional appearance than screws and hardware fixtures for securing graphics and signage.

Acrylic Tape From Stamar Packaging

The numerous benefits of acrylic adhesive tape make it a great option for bonding and packaging applications across various industries. Stamar Packaging has over 40 years of experience delivering custom packaging and shipping solutions to various industries. Our adhesive products include high-quality acrylic hand tapes to simplify your storing and packaging needs.

For more information about our selection of acrylic hand tape, contact Stamar Packaging today.