Packaging Solutions

Packaging is an essential part of the product delivery process. It protects products from damage and keeps them organized during shipping. That's why choosing the proper packaging solution for your business is necessary.  
Stamar Packaging offers a variety of packaging solutions that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We have over 40 years of experience in the packaging industry, so you can trust us to provide you with quality products and excellent customer service.  

What are the benefits of using packaging solutions for your business 

You own a small company that manufactures and sells products online. You've been using the  
same packaging for your products but are unhappy. The packaging is flimsy and doesn't protect your products very well. As a result, you've been losing money because of damaged goods. 

Some benefits of using packaging solutions for your business include: 
  • Reduced product damage during shipping 
  • Improved organization of products during shipping 
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to improved product quality 
  • Cost savings from reduced product damage and improved shipping efficiencies. 
According to Bizfluent, packaging not only prevents damage and extends the shelf life of items but also makes distribution faster and easier. It may also be used to show consumers the company's advertising messages.  

What types of packaging are available to you 

You have plenty of packaging options, including corrugated packaging, mailers, wax corrugated cartons, polybags, and protective packaging. Each packaging type has unique benefits that can help your business differently. 

Corrugated packaging

Corrugated packaging is a durable and lightweight option that protects products during shipping. 


Mailers are a great option for businesses that need to ship smaller items, as they provide excellent protection while keeping costs low.  

Wax corrugated cartons

Wax corrugated cartons are perfect for products that need to be protected from moisture damage.  


Polybags are an affordable and versatile option that can be used for various purposes.  

Protective packaging

Protective packaging is an ideal solution for businesses that need to ship fragile or delicate items.  

We also provide a variety of additional packaging supplies and equipment, including: 
  • Tape and adhesives. These are used to secure packaging materials, such as boxes and polybags. They help to keep your products safe and secure during shipping.  
  • Labels and tags.  These are used to identify your products and provide information about them. They can also be used for marketing purposes.  
  • Pallet unitization.  This is a process of securing your products to a pallet for easy shipping. This helps to reduce shipping costs and improve efficiency.  
  • Janitorial supplies.  We offer a variety of janitorial supplies, such as toilet tissue and gloves, to help you keep your packaging area clean.  
  • Packaging equipment.  We provide a wide range of packaging equipment, such as stretch wrappers and box sealers, to help you with your packaging challenges.  
  • Protective packaging equipment. We offer items like powdered vinyl gloves and disposable medical masks so that you can rest assured knowing your merchandise is in good hands.  
  • Skin Packaging. This uses heat to seal a transparent plastic film to the surface of your product. This helps to prevent contamination and keep your products clean during shipping. It also provides a tamper-proof seal that helps to protect your products from damage.  

How can you choose the right packaging solution for your products 

The best way to select the right packaging solution for your products is to consider the type of product you are shipping, the shipping destination, and the budget. Select one of the extra safe packaging materials available if you send a delicate or breakable object, such as glassware or porcelain figurines. 

When shipping merchandise to a humid or wet climate, pick a waterproof container, such as wax-coated corrugated cardboard boxes. Finally, if you have a limited budget, you may want to consider an affordable option like polybags. You can choose the right packaging solution for your business by considering these factors.  
Hausman Marketing Letter states that after you've finished developing your packaging, you should do additional market research to see how customers respond and find methods to enhance it. This will give you a better understanding of what needs to be improved for future packaging projects.  
How can you reduce shipping costs with a suitable packaging solution 
There are a few ways to reduce shipping costs with a practical packaging solution. One way is to choose a lighter-weight material, such as corrugated cardboard, which will reduce shipping costs. Another way to reduce shipping costs is to use a smaller package, saving materials, and labor costs.  
You can also reuse packaging materials, such as polybags and mailing envelopes, which will further reduce your shipping costs. Finally, you can consider using a fulfillment service, which can save you time and money by handling the packing and shipping.  
Business Review  notes that if your business ships merchandise regularly and predictably, you'll save money by partnering with a logistics company offering you lower rates. You can also save on shipping costs by consolidating your shipments into one larger shipment instead of multiple small shipments.  
Choosing a suitable packaging solution for your business can save on shipping costs. Consider the factors above when selecting a packaging solution to ensure you get the best possible price.  
What are some common mistakes businesses make when choosing a packaging solution 
Some common mistakes companies make when choosing a packaging solution include: 
  • Not considering the type of product they are shipping 
  • Not considering the shipping destination 
  • Not considering their budget 
  • Not selecting the suitable packaging material 
  • Not selecting the proper size package 
These are all critical factors to consider when choosing a packaging solution for your business. If you do not consider these factors, you may end up with a packaging solution unsuitable for your products or budget. Take the time to choose the right packaging solution for your business to avoid these common mistakes.  

How can you ensure that your products arrive at their destination safely and intact 

You can do a few things to ensure that your products arrive at their destination safely and intact. First, make sure to choose the suitable packaging material for your product. Second, make sure to select the correct size package for your product.  

Third, make sure to use proper packing techniques when packing your product. Finally, use a reliable shipping company that offers tracking and insurance. By following these tips, you can ensure that your products will arrive at their destination safely and intact.  
Packaging is integral to any business, but it is crucial when shipping products. Make sure to choose the right packaging solution for your business to avoid common mistakes and ensure that your products arrive safely at their destination.  

When it comes to packaging, Stamar Packaging is the authority  

Use these tips to choose the best possible packaging solution for your business. With suitable packaging, you may cut shipping costs and ensure that your items arrive safely. Choose a convenient packaging solution for your business today.  

Save on shipping costs and ensure that your products arrive safely at their destination with Stamar Packaging. No matter your business type, we can provide you with the packaging solutions you need to succeed. If you're interested in learning more about our packaging solutions, don't hesitate to  contact us  today. We'll be happy to answer any of your questions.