Skin Packaging

Skin packaging uses heat sealing to vacuum form film over the product as efficiently as possible. Heat sealing is the central procedure of skin packaging because it can work with a wide variety of materials using easily automated processes. Manufacturers or automated equipment coat the backing material know as skin board—usually paperboard or corrugated cardboard—with specialized adhesive compounds. 

The film is heated and applied to the product and its backing. When the heated film comes into contact with the backing substrate, it forms an airtight seal around the product. Then, the platform containing the heated film is lowered over the product, a vacuum draws the film down to the substrate and around the product, which results in a neat and attractive look.

Every skin packaging design consists of three vital components:

The Skin Board: This is the backing substrate and is often made from paperboard or corrugated cardboard. Determining the proper skin board for your product depends on a number of factors, including product size, weight, durability, and material costs. Skin boards can come in a variety of different grades and thicknesses, and they can be made from recycled material and other eco-friendly substrates.

The Film: Packagers thermo form plastic film over the product. Skin packaging film is manufactured from a surlyn resin engineered to adhere only to the coating on the skin board.

The Machine: Skin packaging machines ensure that the film and skin board are sealed together properly and that the film’s shape follows the product’s contours. After the board has been coated with a layer of heat seal dispersion substance, the film is tightly clamped in place by a frame underneath the heater. At the start of the machine’s operational cycle, the film is heated, and the clamping frame is drawn over the skin board. Then, a vacuuming operation ensures that the film makes contact with the optimal surface area of the board, and then the film and substrate almost instantly bond together.

Skin packaging comes in two primary configurations:

1. Skin board, film, mailers or corrugated shipper
2. Skin pack carton and film

The first option tends to work better with bulky, sturdy objects, whereas the second option is better for more fragile components such as glass and sensitive electronics.

Industries That Benefit From the Use of Skin Packaging

Skin packaging is most visibly used in retail environments. For example, skin packages that contain small parts or accessories are often placed upon racks in store aisles to allow customers to see the product without having to open the package. But skin packaging has many additional applications beyond retail. Many aftermarket industries use skin packaging to wrap and ship products, such as:

Automotive manufacturers

Pump manufacturers

Compressor manufacturers

Military manufacturers

Manufacturers in these fields see a number of advantages when they use skin packaging, such as:

Visual inventory: Inspectors can take inventory of products or kits without having to open boxes or packages. This makes it easier to keep track of inventory levels and ensures accurate on-hand counts.

Variance: Skin packaging can work with a wide range of shapes and sizes. This capability makes it a useful way to kit many types of aftermarket replacement parts.

Ease of use: Skin packaging uses intuitive processes that require minimal training time, which helps reduce labor and training costs.

Aesthetic appeal: Skin packaging provides a neat display that shows off your product and allows customers to better evaluate its appearance and functionality before purchase.

Standardization: Skin packaging provides end-users with a simple and consistent way to place and secure their products for shipment.

Contract Skin Packaging Services from Stamar Packaging

Stamar Packaging is a premier contract packaging company that will be glad to partner with you for all of your skin packaging service needs. We work hard to exceed our customers’ expectations by helping them maximize inventory control, arrive at efficient package designs, and reduce packaging costs.

We offer a wide range of skin packaging capabilities, including customizable plastic film, skin boards, and skin pack cartons. We can produce skin boards that range in size from 6” × 6” to 47 3/4” × 95 3/4”. We also produce printed pads in 14 distinct colors.

At Stamar Packaging, we’re proud to design quality packaging solutions that leave customers coming back for more. If you would like to learn more about our skin packaging services, don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information.

Skin Packaging Stock Items: Skin Board and Film 

All inventory is in stock and ready to ship!

Item No.Description 1Description 2
17710BWP-1 23-3/4 X 17-3/4 Skin Board, 1000 Per Bail (Min Order QTY 1000)200#B-Flute White, Perforated and Coated
17711BWP-2 23-3/4 X 29-3/4 Skin Board200#B-Flute White, Perforated and Coated
17712BWP-3 29-3/4 X 35-3/4 Skin Board200#B-Flute White, Perforated and Coated
17713PKP-1 23 ¾ X 17 ¾ SKIN BOARD
1777423-7/8 x 35-7/8 SKIN BOARD
5000532-1/2 x 450' .010 SURLYN FILM59.7#/ROLL
50005.132-1/2 x 900' .005 SURLYN FILM59.7/ROLL
5000620" x 900' .005 SURLYN FILM36.8LBS/ROLL
5000720" x 450' .010  SURLYN FILM36.8LBS/ROLL
5000820" x 600' .0075 SURLYN FILM36.8LBS/ROLL
5000926" X 450' .010 SURLYN FILM47.8LBS/ROLL