An Intro to Wax Corrugated Cartons

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Corrugated cartons are boxes made with multilayered paperboard material. The material typically consists of three layers: two flat outer layers and one fluted inner layer. This design improves the material’s strength and stability, making it ideal for boxes that hold items that need a greater degree of protection during storage and transit. 

If the box contents require protection against moisture, the cardboard material can be treated with wax to ensure no liquids can leak into or out of the carton. These containers are referred to as wax corrugated cartons. They are generally used for storing and shipping perishable goods, such as produce and poultry.

Benefits of Wax Corrugated Cartons

The addition of wax to the corrugated carton material creates a moisture barrier. As a result, dry foods are protected against moisture in the environment, while wet foods are prevented from losing too much moisture. Additionally, the container is better able to withstand exposure to high-moisture conditions, such as those found in refrigerated storage facilities and delivery vehicles, ensuring the contents remain safe and the packaging maintains its appeal.

How Are Corrugated Cartons Made?

As indicated above, corrugated cartons are made from multilayered paperboard, which is generally produced from a combination of virgin and recycled tree-based material. 

The process of producing a new carton from an old carton begins when old, corrugated containers are dropped off at the recycling plant. First, the boxes are sorted, compacted, and baled to increase storage capacity. Then, they are transferred to a paper mill, at which they are broken down into a fiber and water slush by a repulper. After any contaminants are removed from the mixture, the remaining fiber solution is deposited on a moving screen to drain away excess water. This process forms a continuous fiber mat, which is then pressed by rollers to remove any residual water, dried using drying cylinders, rolled onto a large reel spool, and slit and rewound into smaller rolls. These rolls can then be used to create new corrugated sheets for cartons. 

If wax corrugated materials are needed, the wax can be applied in a variety of ways. The three most common application methods are: 

  • Wax impregnation. This method involves adding a dry wax coating to the material.  

  • Curtain coating. This method involves passing the material horizontally through a continuous curtain of wax. 

  • Cascading. This method involves moving the material vertically through multiple cascades of paraffin-based wax.

Corrugated vs. Cardboard Cartons

While some people may use the terms “corrugated” and “cardboard” interchangeably, the two refer to different materials. Cardboard refers to a thick paper stock or heavy paper-pulp. It is typically a single-layered material, which makes it suitable for product packaging that is not going to be shipped as-is. Corrugated refers to material made with multiple layers, which makes it ideal for product packaging that will be shipped. The additional material layers result in a more protective container. 

Learn More About Wax Corrugated Cartons

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